Ravings – Methods in Madness

There is a trick to wake up sleeping students in a class. Many teachers know it. Whenever their attention fails, the teacher switches to stories, anecdotes and curious facts of life. Once the story threads the minds of the students into one garland of wide eyes which sparkle like crystal balls, the teacher smiles and continues with the lesson.

 The skill comes with reading. I always advise my students who wish to be teachers to read widely because it will come of use inside a classroom.

 Students often ask me to compile all those things I tell in my class to a book so that they can read it in leisure. They told me that as a joke. I took it as a joke. Then I began thinking about it.

 ‘Sane Ravings’ reflects my readings and reasoning. It reflects my encounters in life. If it inspires you to read more, or to dig more information from other sites, this part of my venture is exonerated from the guilt of being narcissistic.

 ‘Mad Ravings’ is to tickle your funny bones. I am back with my humour column, “Freekick’ which began some 14 years ago in sundaykaumudi.com. It flourished in yentha.com with big dollops of inspiration from a lot of my readers.

 Freekick comes in three flavours – ‘Freekick Family’ encapsulates the experiences of a drunkard in a family.

 He is always on the prowl for excuses to get drunk. His wife is picking holes in his arguments. Such a narrative could be misinterpreted as autobiographical. So I boldly take the lead role, my wife joins me. Now I fear that such a strategy will make you think that it is biographical – about some of my friends. I reserve my comments there.

 ‘Freekick Awesome’ is inspired by the writer Neil Pasricha who wrote the wonderful book ‘Awesome’. He talks about the little joys of life. The ecstasy when we learn that the alarm rings accidentally three hours before the wake-up time and we can crawl back to your cozy bed. I got inspired and am presenting my version.

 ‘Freekick Pure’ is the same old freekick in same old bottle. The fun never stops.

 So catch you in one of those ravings. Don’t let me catch you sleeping

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