Whither goest the Road?

Road takes you for rides and ramblings.  I live 200 meters away from the passport office and still don’t own a passport. And I claim myself a travel writer, a rider and a rambler.  But don’t worry, we are not going far. My world is small, yet beautiful. National Geographic has chosen it as one of the 50 most beautiful places on earth. Yes, I talk about Kerala. I wrote many pieces for a column which regularly appeared in the … Continue reading

Ravings – Methods in Madness

There is a trick to wake up sleeping students in a class. Many teachers know it. Whenever their attention fails, the teacher switches to stories, anecdotes and curious facts of life. Once the story threads the minds of the students into one garland of wide eyes which sparkle like crystal balls, the teacher smiles and continues with the lesson.  The skill comes with reading. I always advise my students who wish to be teachers to read widely because it will … Continue reading

FREEKICK: Leave Trivandrum Off The Agenda, Obama

From time immemorial, allegations are rife in Kerala politics about the involvement of CIA. Taking a week off from Yentha, I decided to investigate the truth. And soon I stumbled upon a copy of a confidential report submitted by Agent Patrick to Obama. It is true, I shuddered. Guys, it was a close shave. I learned to my horror that a CIA team worked in our capital for a while, to study the possibilities of a coup in Kerala. Rising … Continue reading

Freekick: When Girls Say NO

Girls, I never understand them. I teach in a women’s college. Seven years have gone by and I am still a dull student studying my students. I was quite blind about the fad among girls who resist marriage proposals just for the heck of it. I-hate-marriage girls are on the increase, but a majority is eagerly waiting for that one little nudge to call it quits. (“What Marriage!!!! Don’t say that word to me. I hate it mom. I won’t … Continue reading