Onto the Scaffold with the Poles

I know why many of you prefer vodka. It was our customary first-stage promotion from the world of beer. We had only a faint prick of conscience when we knocked back for the first time the colourless, almost flavourless, odourless liquid which had the look and feel of water. A little water, after all, can do no harm. In fact it was from ‘woda’ which means water in the Slavic tongue, vodka got its name. We also love vodkas because … Continue reading

Sad notes of Journeys


Pleasant notes of journeys


To put a name on it

We see the world through the language we use. Many feelings and experiences go unnoticed, unregistered, unfelt because we don’t have a word to address them. This is a humble attempt to show how rich our life could be if we pick expressions from other languages and other times which relate to those bastard feelings and vague experiences we dismiss every moment for want of a word to describe it. Join us on our trip to the crannies and crevices … Continue reading