The quintessence of life

In the last story, we saw how the yeast cells poop alcohol after feasting on the sugar inside grapes. The name of the game is fermentation. Nature doesn’t need Agent Man to make fermentation happen in the world. But once man tasted the fermented juice he licked his lips and decided to anoint himself as one. He began to cultivate the right vine systematically , drew out the juice from the grapes, left it open for the yeast cells to … Continue reading

The Darkness I carry: Part II

Continued from Part 1 I was impatient to hear the rest of the story, but I was also butt-sore sitting long in the jeep. I stretched my back and was soon sucked into the mesmerizing  ambience around me thrumming with crisp mountain air.  Take it from me; all the privations to reach Pandikkuzhy will pale into insignificance against the magnificent scenery unfolding before your eyes as you stand on the cliff. I thought  I was seeing the whole of Tamilnadu … Continue reading

The darkness I carry : Part 1

One misty morning. Opposite the bus stand at Kumali, right inside a restaurant this writer was hogging unnecessary attention from local people. Let them stare. But I couldn’t join them in the Kumalian breakfast bonhomie – porotta and egg curry. Instead I gobbled down dosa and chutney. I didn’t bother them staring as long as this beautiful woman opposite me in red churidar picked at her soft porottas dunked in yellow egg-curry. She was in no hurry. I too. I … Continue reading

Just Saturdays babe

Ever since the marriage, the husband has been in the sea with a sprawling net to capture even a maanathukanni(the smallest fish in Kerala) of a reason however deep it swims. To drink. To enjoy good times with his friends. His wife, he knows, is also out patrolling on the same waters like that Italian ship to tear into his weekend catch of excuses with protests, logic, promises, requests, threats, outbursts and of course tears.  The war lines are drawn. … Continue reading