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  1. RRR has a taste, fragrance and colour of a cool world. i won’t say I read it. i actually tasted those pages inch by inch. Was like dip my hand in a fresh honey pot. and the fact is that I’m still licking my fingers and expecting more.

    • Thanks Nithin. I am committed to give you more.

  2. This is a suggestion. You can add that number of hits/visitors count box.

  3. Nithin, thank you. Kavya, we are sitting on the visitors count box now. Thanks for the suggestion. Expecting more from you.

    • Kavya, still working on it

  4. im leaving my foot prints 😀 !
    This a great place which gives your personal presence n’ fabulous writings 😉

    What an idea 😉
    “Rum for my friends, Road for my companions, and Ravings for my young students !”

  5. I completely agree with what Nithin.S said. It feels cool and refreshing in here. There are some places you pop into and keep wanting to get back to for more. This is one of them. It’s got sth for all tastes……Thank you Sir, for making all your writings so easily accessible. Good Luck!

  6. neenda 38 varshangalku sesham neendan padikkanam enna aagrahavumayi sakthamayi munnottu pokan theerumanichirikke oru vellidi poleyanu sarinte ipl kadha vayichathu ithu vare neendal padikkathathu nannanyi ennum ini jeevan poyalum oru 50 vayassu vareyengilum neendan pokilla ennum theerumanikkan saru sahayichu.orayiram nanni

  7. Shaji, 😀 All my friends have stopped bathing in the wild. Can’t risk it at our age.

  8. sir gud move stories are very good really enjoyed reading it 🙂

  9. RRR rocks sir …i am glad to be a part of it…its a new experience for me…eagely waiting for 100 th story…keep going sir…all the best 🙂

  10. at the end of our life, what we will most regret will be the words left unspoken but, you don’t have to 🙂
    sir, the writer in you is more powerful than the teacher in you…keep going, let me increase my imaginary power through your words

    • Thank you Renganath

  11. Good work…..All d best….

  12. Thanks Abila

  13. Love the effort you have put up in penning down your stories and publishing it here. Just came across your article in Economic Times dated 21-10-2012. Nice read. Happy that the writing breed is not extinct in Kerala in this era of digital brouhaha.

    • DeoMathews, thanks a lot for visiting my page. Please visit my site more often to read and comment. – Manu

  14. I love words…RRR is a real feast for me…..they r well defined stories…..

    I had got the opportunity to be your student…….thus I read the stories as if you lecture in class… n me again a student…..

    I don’t know if you written a book, but if not I really expect a book…a humorous one….

  15. A book is my dream too, Misha. Hope it will come out in near future. I will try my best to find an agent. Yeah, it is great to write when you have so many of your loving students out there to receive your voice. I feel so happy. Keep reading, dear Misha.

  16. Mr. RRR

    Your blog is refreshing in its honesty and humour. I greatly enjoy reading your Thengapura brand of comedy (a.k.a Freekicks) in particular. Your travelogue always catches my eye but as I scroll down the paragraphs I get a little green of not having hiked the place myself – as a result it gets on my bucket-list of places to visit and I resolve to read your experience after having experienced the place myself. The bucket-list has grown very long as you probably know 🙂 .

  17. RRR
    Love ur style of writing and ingenious way of presenting it. 3 sheets to the wind.. =)
    N.B. U remind sometimes like VKN. Cheers..

    • Thanks for the compliment. And for the comparison too:-)

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