The roads less travelled

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Jungle streams

Stumbling upon a wild river is a blissful experience in jungle trekking.

The Darkness I carry: Part II

Continued from Part 1 I was impatient to hear the rest of the story, but I was also butt-sore sitting long in the jeep. I stretched my back and was soon sucked into the mesmerizing  ambience around me thrumming with crisp mountain air.  Take it from me; all the privations to reach Pandikkuzhy will pale into insignificance against the magnificent scenery unfolding before your eyes as you stand on the cliff. I thought  I was seeing the whole of Tamilnadu … Continue reading

The darkness I carry : Part 1

One misty morning. Opposite the bus stand at Kumali, right inside a restaurant this writer was hogging unnecessary attention from local people. Let them stare. But I couldn’t join them in the Kumalian breakfast bonhomie – porotta and egg curry. Instead I gobbled down dosa and chutney. I didn’t bother them staring as long as this beautiful woman opposite me in red churidar picked at her soft porottas dunked in yellow egg-curry. She was in no hurry. I too. I … Continue reading

Sad notes of Journeys