Dead Man Talking

I woke up with a jolt when the jeep evaded a pothole with a sudden turn. We were deep in a forest (in shit!) or why else the road so dark and the sides so impervious! I rubbed my eyes and peered out through the glass; the canopy of tall trees had screened out the sun and there was an eerie darkness enveloping the long winding road before us. “Where have we reached?” I asked. The driver did not reply. … Continue reading

10 Best Travel Stories of the Year

For the last one year at RRR, I have been traveling and posting stories without respite. Here’s a selection of the best 10 travel stories of the year. I hope it would inspire you to join me when I pack my bag for the next journey. 1) Closely Watched Trains: I love train journeys. Who doesn’t, alle? So here in this story I put the craving under microscope to study it in detail. Did you too once check out in … Continue reading

101 Reasons to Love Kerala: Jungle Brooks

Won’t you sit here with me by the brook for a minute and listen? If I could choose only one voice which lingers beyond death, I would go with a babbling river tinning in my ears. Ah, its music! The water which trips from stone to stone has a soothing timbre which tingles in the wounds of a soul. Other human philosophies and gods could only baulk and stand outside by the door. Listen. Every time you let a river … Continue reading

A Mountain for a Gift

Maybe I am crazy. But for a very long time I have been cherishing a dream to celebrate this day all alone in one of the most dramatic places I’ve ever been, I noted in my diary. “But you are all alone. You need a guide,” said Deepthi, my Coorg hostess. The 7km trek to Thadiyantemole, the tallest peak in Coorg (5700 feet above sea level)  began from King’s Cottage, a beautiful estate home in Kakkabe (Coorg), in early morning. … Continue reading