Sane Ravings

Reflections on books, encounters and people

A few whiffs of a perfume

You like perfumes? Well, we might have all worn them at some point, especially those cheesy ones, with all our relatives and friends in Gulf countries. I was blind to the world of perfumes until last week when I stumbled on a book. And learned that perfume composition is a delicate art which requires personal taste and refined imagination. Even a simple garden-variety jasmine perfume needs elaborate lab work for its preparation. In old days things were much simple. For … Continue reading

To put a name on it

We see the world through the language we use. Many feelings and experiences go unnoticed, unregistered, unfelt because we don’t have a word to address them. This is a humble attempt to show how rich our life could be if we pick expressions from other languages and other times which relate to those bastard feelings and vague experiences we dismiss every moment for want of a word to describe it. Join us on our trip to the crannies and crevices … Continue reading

Voyagers in a paper boat

The author of Rum, Road n’ Ravings wants you to take a swig of his favourite drink. I understand. Many fear they cannot grow a palate for its queer taste.  It is too complicated a thing to be appreciated by uneducated eyes. The sweet strains of it fail to reach them through the impervious ears to tug at their emotions. Very difficult to understand, sir. Incomprehensible. Poetry. We had poetry sessions when I worked in a college in Kollam. I … Continue reading

The giggle of the selfish gene

Bored. Will marry that girl. Cool. Must get the job. Should cause envy. Next, I want a mansion. Should be at the heart of the city, Kowdiar. A car. Audi. Benz. Why not Rolls Royce? Will make my neighbors drool. Then prayer, penance and salvation. I laugh. Hey! I don’t say I laugh aloud. But then who makes that noise? They giggle. Take chances in our life. I brag. Be assertive in life. Be Positive. Aren’t we at the pinnacle … Continue reading