Sane Ravings

Reflections on books, encounters and people

Anybody got Cycleballs? Part 1

The writer picks another story from his published repertoire once again and takes you back to a childhood firmly planted in the 70s and 80. Any relations there? You tell me your nostalgia I will tell you your age. Perhaps that’s why many of my childhood friends never let an old song blare out of their car speakers. No one of them wants other people, especially girls to pin them helplessly down to a decade and pass by. Nostalgia is … Continue reading

Personal Essay: The Wages of Fear

Few friends know that I suffer from katsaridaphobia, fear of cockroach. It doesn’t kill in the traditional sense but it leaves you psychologically maimed and pathetic when confronted by the enemy. Yes, I’m talking about that disgusting thing you can see in the picture. Many of you know that a cockroach would be the only creature that might emerge out of a nuclear winter unscathed. Studies say. But that is not the reason for this panic, this paralyzing fear which … Continue reading

Teacher’s Day Special: Confessions of a Bad Teacher

The writer admits that he is a bad teacher. First published in this story created some ripples among the teaching fraternity a couple of years back. As today is Teacher’s day the writer feels it appropriate to introduce that old piece to his new audience. Yes, I am a teacher, an Associate professor by the records. You can look at my appointment letter and salary certificate. You are convinced I am one. See how those numbskulls jump to their … Continue reading

My Lover’s Breath

Inspired by Diana Ackerman’s phenomenal work, ‘A Natural History of the Senses,’ the writer takes a trip down literature after an aroma. Imagine you wake up in a jungle. Think all the trappings of civilization gone: the sky-scrapers, the macadamized roads, the suave, the technical and the sophisticated. (You can’t brush such possibility off with a dismissive smile. Instances are countless in the long history of earth where the advancement of many a species in the world was thrown haphazard … Continue reading