Sane Ravings

Reflections on books, encounters and people

Personal Narrative: Rear Window

RRR usually doesn’t pry open the can of controversies however big the reward is. It seldom pokes its nose in politics, economics, or commerce as there are a zillion other sites devoted to them. You feel too stuffed up with serious facts? Come down to this shack. Here is a place to unwind. Here you will get ‘cool’ drinks after a long walk under a scorching sun. But at times even RRR feels the heat under it. Especially when it … Continue reading

The Anatomy of a Story – Part 1

The writer rediscovers his passion for words by falling back on his story on Monsoon which appeared in RRR months back. There is a moment, believes Manu, when the writer becomes the writing. Language lovers and aspiring writers can follow him closely through the slushy ground in his pilgrimage to woo back his lost muse. Manu Remakant is writing his way out of sluggishness, today. He will take a shot of his own medicine and storm back home. He hopes … Continue reading

The Anatomy of a Story – Part 2

Continued from Part I How does the monsoon begin? It tears into houses in the dead quiet of the night without asking…all you hear is an unending clap of windows, calendars thrashing about and aluminium vessels crashing down on the kitchen floor. I wanted to give a physical sense of the monsoon barging into houses without asking, without locking her eyes with ours, making a lot of hullabaloo. The acoustics is intentionally evoked with the noises of calendars thrashing, aluminium … Continue reading

Games Women Play: Part 2

Continued from here… Dr. Madhu Muralee is a surgical oncologist at the Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), Trivandrum. It would take one more year for the doctor to meet Lalitha just because of her decision not to reveal her secret to the world. “I don’t think the lump Lalitha saw 13 years ago was malignant. But if unexamined, such harmless swellings can turn dangerous,” says Dr. Madhu. A lump has two personalities. Many vanish without a trace. But the one Lalitha … Continue reading