Guest House

A spot reserved for writers among you

Guesthouse: A Stalker’s Tale

Cris hardly needs any introduction to the English reading ‘audience’ in Kerala. Her name itself brings to me memories of many stories she has written in various journals, magazines and newspapers. They have that quality to resonate for a very long time in the minds of her readers. And here comes one such refreshment for the readers of RRR. You know what’s the most annoying proverb ever? It’s when people come and tell you that once you are a ‘that’ … Continue reading

Guesthouse: Peanuts

Peels of peanuts lay scattered on his wooden table. The sun trickled in through the open window and little black ants scurried away with what was left of the dry flesh of the fruit that he was having with shot-after-shots of brandy the last night. Peanuts. That is all there was for the night. He was hungry, yes, but his pockets were empty. All that he had, to push through the night, was half-pint of brandy that his friend had … Continue reading

Nila Choru Sappidalam

Dhanalakshmi takes us back to the moonlit nights of her childhood in the streets of East Car street in Sivakasi and opens our eyes to the phases of life we have never experienced. The moon. Many believe it has a sway over the life on earth. There are myths that the moon has an effect over the immune system and hormones of humans. In India, ancient sages advised people to shirk all commitments and free themselves on full moon days. … Continue reading

Guesthouse: Chip in Guy!

After reading this, don’t get excited and call in on the writer to congratulate him. The writer, holed up in his own world waiting for some enlightenment, could hardly enjoy any interruption for the next 24 hours. You know this guy, Rohit Krishnan, the hero of our Freekick story, The Sacred Stones of Ramayana.  “You totally missed it man!!” Ashik yelled into my ear for the hundredth time. He was starting to get on my nerves. I was already pretty … Continue reading