Guest House

A spot reserved for writers among you

Guesthouse: The Candy Makers of Calicut

Join Rohit Krishnan writer and techie as he explores sweet life in Kozhikode town. Little Basheer loved to hear stories. Every night, as his dad put him to bed, he used to tell him a wonderful fable.It was a tale about a magical place, full of candy shops –their shelves overflowing with colourful goodies. The story was always the same, but Basheer never got tired of it. It was every child’s fantasy. Nearly 40 years have passed. Little remains of … Continue reading

For a Patina of White

Aswathy Rajani worked in the Times of India as a trainee reporter a year back. Had it not been for her dream of becoming a teacher, she could easily have become one of the star writers in mainstream media. Presently she is working hard to get to her destined job. As her reader I always admire the way she conjures up in her writing whole landscapes and those fine moods so elusive and difficult to pin down in words. The teacher often … Continue reading

Guesthouse: Agent Four-double O-one

Praseetha Asokan, a writer and student of psychology knows what mental games to play to  survive the most challenging times.  She only has to turn back to her childhood to pick a costume she left there long back.  I’m a first born child.  The big sister of the family.  So, as an essential tactic for the survival of my kind, establishing my unquestionable authority before the young ones reach any sense was a main priority on my agenda. As simple … Continue reading

Guesthouse: Musings from Mokeri

Deepa Prasad, Assistant Professor and diehard Trivandrum-fan never thought she would soon be swept off the floor when she decided to go North. Here she shares with the readers of RRR many interesting and thought provoking experiences and insights she has picked up as a ‘blissful convert’. Almost 18 months back when I decided to take up a Government job, everyone kept scaring me off with the single most powerful word: TRANSFER… When I was finally appointed at Government College, … Continue reading