Theatre of change

Select scenes of K.T. Mohammed’s ‘Ithu Bhumiyanu’ and an ingenious presentation of ‘Chirikkunna Kathi’ were staged to pay homage to the veteran playwright and writer. Legendary dramatist K.T. Mohammed’s works came alive at Vylloppilli Samskriti Bhavan when artistes from Kalinga Theaters, Kozhikode, presented select scenes from his famous play ‘Ithu Bhoomiyanu’ to a packed audience. With bated b reath the audience watched the play that had unleashed a storm after its debut performance half a century ago. Like most great … Continue reading

Representative acts

The eight-day National Theatre Festival was made rich with the presence of representative Malayalam plays from different eras and outlooks. The 11th National Theatre Festival, which was held at the Tagore Theatre in Thiruvananthapuram, presented five Malayalam plays that were representative of traditional as well as modern schools. Abhinaya’s ‘Sagarakanyaka,’ the inaugural play, was an adaptation of Ibsen’s ‘The Lady from the Sea.’ The multi-media production and the fine portrayals by Reghuthaman and Parvati spoke volumes for the skill of … Continue reading

Play of light and shadows

As the lamps were lit, the stage came alive with characters from mythology. The Tholpavakoothu that was performed at Vylloppilly Samskriti Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram, was an ode to the skills of the artistes and their style of storytelling. Behind long white curtains, the nimble fingers of celebrated artistes of the Palakkad-based Krishnankutty Pulavar Memorial Tholpava Koothu Sanghom, breathed life into the leather puppets that were transformed into the characters of the Ramayana. A ritualistic performance dedicated to Bhadrakali, Tholpavakoothu, a form … Continue reading

Vignettes of life

The theatre festival organised in connection with the Soorya Dance and Music Festival comprised some interesting plays staged in Kerala over the last year. s the curtain fell on the 10-day Soorya theatre festival, theatre buffs in Thiruvananthapuram were a contented lot as they were treated to a variety of plays. While some of the plays stuck to traditional narratives, a few, literally, took the play into the audience. ‘Ithu Oru Kurangante Kadhayalla,’ scripted and directed by Jayaprakash Kuloor, was … Continue reading