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Homestay Blues – Eggstacy

This is the first part of a series – Homestay Blues. The travel writer narrates his experiences staying in different homestays across Kerala. This time he is stuck in a home at Kumily, Idukki along with his family. He could not go out because of hartal. And the hostess is a cook of sorts committed to eggs. Read on! So you could not take even one more egg, amma? Amma, turned slowly on her bed to face me sitting by … Continue reading

Freekick: The Day My Wife Almost Divorced Me

“Manu chetta, please sit!” “What?” “Please sit down.” “What’s the matter?” I sat on the other end of the bed, facing my wife (I kept that distance, because I had a sudden hunch something was coming). “Please tell me the truth. Why did you go to Ponmudi with your friends, last Wednesday?” Hell! For a moment, I didn’t understand anything. An interrogation of any sort is not usual at my home. We folks trust each other, and she knows how … Continue reading

Classic Freekick: Suddenly Married

First published in four years ago. A word of warning before you go. If you are an avid beef-eater or a prude or a dandy, please quit now. You are going to read something that disgusts you. This is a true story. So let me change the names of people involved first. “No, I don’t want it, you eat man.” I pushed my plate of red hot beef curry towards my friend. “Don’t compel me. I don’t feel like … Continue reading

Freekick: Ass for Nothing

The pain began near the business end of my alimentary canal three days ago. And pretty soon I found a little lump there. What could that be! I gulped in the toilet. Thank god I have one doctor cousin, one doctor neighbor and many doctor friends to clear my doubts at the initial stage of any problem. But no probing, I decided.  I won’t let them get anywhere near a naked Manu. That part ruled out. “It’s a small lump,” … Continue reading