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The Secret Only My Wife Doesn’t Know

“Uru?” I literally jumped hearing the rumble in the air and caught the poet in the dusky light standing with his raised finger. I cowered in fear. ***   ***    ***    **** Time: Long long ago, perhaps in the hoary past thanks to my failing memory, a few people worked almost like brave warriors in the media field. Our Mission: To launch an International magazine from Kurup lane, near Ambalamukku. The leader: Sabin, my bosom friend. We had to bring out the first edition of our magazine. … Continue reading

Thank you mom for not sending me for MBA

A smart, handsome teacher, Saritha mam is a wizard in solving problems in my college. Everyone loves her, respects her, makes way for her intelligence. The moment an issue pops up, her colleagues as well as students gather around her for advice. That’s routine. Call it Management skill. Though not an MBA graduate, she got it by birth, I could tell. Some people are just like that, they get born with the right faculty. Look at me, I was not. So … Continue reading


“But why did they leave us!” “No idea. Maybe the thieves saw you on the terrace reading and writing late into night. You could’ve scared them off, son!” Me! Yeah you, why? My skin tingled with pride, hair standing on edge, rubbernecking to pick what my amma had just said. Repeat, amma, repeat! Just when I thought, a 5’ 7” in height and 100cms in tummy-girth could never scare even a bandicoot off, I got this breather from my amma … Continue reading

Homestay Blues: Golconda Illam

This is the second part of a series – Homestay Blues. The travel writer narrates his experiences staying in different homestays across Kerala. This time he is in a holy abode in Kasargode. The 70-year old Vamadevan Nampoothiri gave such a sharp kick that it writhed for a moment on the floor with pain before it  flew back into the dark entrails of the cupboard from where it had come out. All happened in a fraction of a second, I … Continue reading