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A Place Named Thengappura

“Coprapura?” “Thengappura.” “Manga?” “Thenga.” “Oh. Thyanga.” “Yeah, Thenga.” “Thyangapora.” “No, Thengappura lane.” “I think I’ve heard it somewhere (Not somewhere, my friends. I have already told this bloody son of a bitch a thousand times). So you come from Thyangappura lane,” his brows arch; a scornful smile breaks out across his evil face. People know that I live in Thengappura lane; but still they find fun in running me through this painful ritual until they hear the hellish name blurt … Continue reading

Freekick meets Facebook II

Continued from ‘Freekick meets Facebook I‘ Bhaskaran Nair : Mother died. 356 likes                34 Shares JJ Sivan: How sad! Jancy Rani: Jeezes! Renuka P: OMG! Unnikkuttan: ROFL Pavanan Kovilakathu: ROFL!!! Unnikkuttan:  Oops! Sorry. Mmmm….Er…LOL? Likes 0       Shares 0          Comments 0 ———————————————————————————————————————– VS Sathyan: My wife         840 shares             Unnikkuttan: Sathyan uncle, I am also interested. 840 shares! But she is worth the wait. Awesome! Uncle, can you please tell me what number you have reached? When will … Continue reading

Freekick Meets Facebook I

The writer snips a few pages off the facebook and wonders what. Biju Vinayak via mobile How am I?               Likes 0  Share 0  Comments0 Biju Vinayak via mobile My sister                 3456 Likes    6768 shares      View all 768 comments Sreedharan Awesome!!! Vinod Narayan: Super da!!! ———————————————————————————————————— Asha Cheriyan via mobile. TP’s murder. The sonorification of Communist party. TP, TP, TP. The bujivalkalisation of the bourgeois … Continue reading

Sacred stones from Ramayana: I

“Yippee!!!” “Yippeee!!! Er…what is it, Raji? “Over there! Can you see them? The sacred stones!” “The sacred stones!!! Where?” “There. Rohit is sitting on them.” “Oh, YESSS!!! OMG! Yippeee!!! Lovely, alle? See, Shalu. Those dark ones. Grainy, but shining. Can you see them?” “Ohhh….Yyesss! I can see them. On the stream! Has Seetha Devi really cooked rice on them?” “Yes, Shalu. That is what the legend says. But I don’t understand why Rohit is sitting on them. I don’t like it. … Continue reading