In the mood for Heat

If you are the kind of person who wants to get fingers and tongue burn, eyes stream, foodpipe sizzle with the torchlight procession going down during every hearty meal you indulge in, you have already met Schezuan(Sichuan). What I mean is those hot, fiery and fire engine red curries you get in a Chinese restaurant. Sichuan, which brings hot palatal memories, is a place in Southwest China, rich in food sources. It is considered a land of plenty. But once … Continue reading

A Cup of Liquid Poetry

The perfect temperature for tea is two degrees hotter than just right.  –  Terri Guillemets Making tea. Making a poem. They have a lot in common. A poet poises each word on his palm, rubs it between his fingertips to feel its texture, smells it, sometimes even presses it gently into a shape that he has conceived in his mind, and finally slips it in meticulously at its apt slot nestling between two words which could draw the deepest essence … Continue reading

Voyages in RRR

After 109 days Aswathy Rajani looks back at the stories she had tasted before they appeared in ‘Rum, Road Ravings’. She is now a happy lot with the kind of progress the website has made in the short span of its life. Hey there, We are happy to let our thousands of readers from all over the world know that Rum Road Ravings have been running for 109 days since its launch on March 14. RRR has hundreds of readers … Continue reading

Raisin the perfect

There is a 62- kilometer stretch somewhere deep in Spain which is bordered with terraced vineyards, and speckled with traditional drying beds of grapes. Back in the 19th century travelers stood there in wonder as they saw those fine pebbles drying in the sun. They had only to taste to taste them to anoint Muscatel raisin as the emperor of raisins in the world. El Borge, that beautiful village situated 28 kms from Malaga town on the scenic ‘Route of … Continue reading