Personal Essay: Trips to Childhood

Surreal pictures, reports from parents, voices from the dark, smells that singe, and touches that soothe — someday you saw a pattern, connected the dots and carved out a childhood from them. Once you decide to believe a story the first thing you do is to sweep the broken links and white bones that jut out under the carpet. You did it smoothly. A kiss here, a pat there, the aroma of vermilion mixed with Cuticura of my mother’s face, … Continue reading

The Legend of the Green Fairy

First published in ‘The Economic Times.’ It is a storm that the high court of Kerala has kicked up recently when it observed why the government should consider banning toddy, a traditional beverage of the state, given the kind of spurious liquor that flows galore by its name. Can a drink be wiped off with the swish of a wand? Have we ever witch-hunted any other drink like this before? That Green Fairy A pair of green eyes peers us … Continue reading

A rendezvous with a Kovilakam

Suddenly I want to know how my daughter reacts to this, how skewed the corner of her mouth is, and how dark her cheeks have turned into. I turn and find that I was wrong. Instead of the customary sullenness I catch an eager light flashing across her wide eyes. Must do something. I call her by my side just to bail myself out from an inevitable tragedy. “You don’t understand. This will take quite some time. You’d be bored … Continue reading

Classic Freekick: Suddenly Married

First published in Yentha.com four years ago. A word of warning before you go. If you are an avid beef-eater or a prude or a dandy, please quit now. You are going to read something that disgusts you. This is a true story. So let me change the names of people involved first. “No, I don’t want it, you eat man.” I pushed my plate of red hot beef curry towards my friend. “Don’t compel me. I don’t feel like … Continue reading