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For a Patina of White

Aswathy Rajani worked in the Times of India as a trainee reporter a year back. Had it not been for her dream of becoming a teacher, she could easily have become one of the star writers in mainstream media. Presently she is working hard to get to her destined job. As her reader I always admire the way she conjures up in her writing whole landscapes and those fine moods so elusive and difficult to pin down in words. The teacher often … Continue reading

GUESTHOUSE: Why Arranged Marriage Sucks?

When I hit 24, like any typical malayali parents, mine too started panicking. “It’s time to marry off our daughter,” they agreed maybe for the sixth time in their 27 years of marriage. So began the search—I was registered into all the matrimonial sites they ever heard of and marriage bureaus, brokers and relatives were alerted too. I shuddered. Protesting was a bad idea since that would only panic them more and make them do something stupid. Hence I feigned … Continue reading