Daily Archives: May 30, 2014

Poetry in a Night Train: A musing in two parts

How do you spend time in a train journey? Many choose sleep, a few people food, some gossips, I poetry. While they talk and eat and sleep and date to kill time in a train, I retire to my poetry book. Friends this is the first part of the story of my affair with poetry in a train journey at night. I’ve read the same poems at home, but there is something in a pitching train that slips words deeper … Continue reading

Poetry in a Night Train: Part 2

The second part of the story – Poetry in a Night Train “A blank ivory square of brightness”. I didn’t know emptiness is more expressive in light than it is in darkness until I began to travel with a poetry book. Especially on trains at nights. Or else why should yellow lights and lanterns scald my soul so deep in a journey! Tell me, dear reader. Do you too feel depressed in a night train at the sight of a … Continue reading