Monthly Archives: April 2013

Esperienza Exotique: Cold Food Festival

We go to the Xiamen region in China where the Cold Food festival is conducted this month. Perhaps the legends behind the celebration have struck a chord with the writer. When Maharaja Sibi hacked a pound of flesh from his own thigh to save the life of a pigeon in our puranas, the cruel kite who was chasing the victim was pleased with the magnanimous feat, shed its guise to re-assume the shape of  Lord Yama, and showered praises and … Continue reading

Freekick: In Vino Veritas

(It was the right time for the girls to celebrate but it was the wrong bottle they chose. This is a true story. A woman I know revealed to me her first and last experiment with alcohol that went awfully wrong). “Mole, I want to tell you a truth.” “Not tonight dear. We have had our fill.” They hugged one another tightly and sank deep into a common pool of slumber, still sobbing. Sandhya got salary that day and picked … Continue reading

Four Seasons at Vagamon Heights

Noon:  When the jeep headed down at 50 degree angle I thought we would topple over making a clean swipe of the film crew gathered on the banks of the lake. We didn’t. Somehow the jeep regained balance at the foot of the hillock and the crew continued with their shooting of the Tamil version of the popular Malayalam film, ‘Ordinary.’ “This is a regular location for many Malayalam and Tamil films,” the driver says. “I thought we were going … Continue reading