Monthly Archives: September 2012

Personal Essay: The Wages of Fear

Few friends know that I suffer from katsaridaphobia, fear of cockroach. It doesn’t kill in the traditional sense but it leaves you psychologically maimed and pathetic when confronted by the enemy. Yes, I’m talking about that disgusting thing you can see in the picture. Many of you know that a cockroach would be the only creature that might emerge out of a nuclear winter unscathed. Studies say. But that is not the reason for this panic, this paralyzing fear which … Continue reading

Guesthouse: Musings from Mokeri

Deepa Prasad, Assistant Professor and diehard Trivandrum-fan never thought she would soon be swept off the floor when she decided to go North. Here she shares with the readers of RRR many interesting and thought provoking experiences and insights she has picked up as a ‘blissful convert’. Almost 18 months back when I decided to take up a Government job, everyone kept scaring me off with the single most powerful word: TRANSFER… When I was finally appointed at Government College, … Continue reading

Honey, I wanna tell you something. It’s honey!

How much drunk is drunk? Thomas Love Peacock has a measuring unit. He authoritatively says when a drunkard should call it a day. “He is not drunk who from the floor Can rise again and drink some more But he is drunk who prostrate lies And cannot drink and cannot rise.” What hell of a drink is that? Rum or Brandy? Whiskey or Vodka? Honey, I wanna tell you something. It’s honey! Peacock didn’t have any other drink in his … Continue reading

Pothundi through a Kaleidoscope

Pothundi is a kaleidoscope. There are as many angles to view in it as there are moods the beautiful earthen dam can evoke in us. You can run through the gamut of time, or slide along the road that nestles it and stop at different points; you’ll always get fresh views and experiences. I saw it first time, a decade back, when I was working in Palakkad. Pothundi is near Nenmara village(8kms away). It is handsomely located on the way … Continue reading