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A Single Glass of Whisky


After A Single Glass of Beer in which the writer has told you how beer is made he takes on whisky this time. Everybody knows whisky. But only a few understand how the amber liquid is made. This week I’ll take you right into the heart of the amber drink. At the end you’ll know how it is made and why no two whiskies in the world ever taste the same. Whisky is simple arithmetic: Barley + yeast + water … Continue reading

Late for the Party


Captain Colquhoun apologized profusely to Ault Taum for being late. He was swaying a bit on his feet. And was quite upset. “That is aw very well. But where is Jessy?” barked Taum, putting away his spade. Colquhoun turned and looked at the crowd which had closely been following him. Most of them were Miss. Jessy’s students. “Where is Jessy?” The question echoed and reechoed among the people. They looked at one another trying to remember when they saw her … Continue reading