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The Old Man and the Drink


Cuba, 19th Century. Fortified with bottles of Canchanchara strapped to their saddles, the mambises led by Antonio Maceo, were a strong force to be reckoned with. The drink made of rum, lime juice and ‘honey’(Cuban molasses) was not only a thirst quencher, but it was also an excellent pain killer for the Cuban guerrilla soldiers fighting against the Spanish for their independence during the 19th century. Ask the 63 year old American General William Shafter who was chocking the Spanish … Continue reading

10 Best Rum Stories of the Year

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RRR celebrates its first birthday in style. Read the best 10 of its Rum stories. Here’s the cream at the top. 1)    Batting Against Red: This was a huge hit. The story of Bacardi’s fight against the communist government of Cuba is no secret to many. The story here goes into the exciting background of the enmity. “But the communist regime made one mistake. Their marines went to the wrong building, the wrong city – Havana.”That was all that Bacardi … Continue reading