Whither goest the Road?

Road takes you for rides and ramblings.

 I live 200 meters away from the passport office and still don’t own a passport. And I claim myself a travel writer, a rider and a rambler.

 But don’t worry, we are not going far. My world is small, yet beautiful. National Geographic has chosen it as one of the 50 most beautiful places on earth. Yes, I talk about Kerala.

I wrote many pieces for a column which regularly appeared in the Hindu- ‘Road Less Traveled.’ Later I wrote stories for the online portal, where my writing bloomed under the editorship of my friend, Sabin Iqbal. (Most of those articles, you can read in the archives section in this website).

 Four kinds of journeys I undertake for my readers of my website. ‘Armchair journeys’ treads the paths great travel writers I adore, took. I want to revisit the places they went along with you. ‘101 reasons to love Kerala’ talks about the reasons why I limit my journeys within my home state. ‘Food Court’ will take you to exotic dishes in and outside my world. So in one story I will take you to the deadly entrails of puffer fish in a Japanese restaurant and in the next we will be washing down karimeen pollichathu with cold toddy from a toddy shop in Nedumudi. ‘Travel beat’ talks about places, people and rituals I experienced.

 So meet you at the cross road. We will take the road less traveled by.

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