Sunset symphony

Enjoy the spectacular view from Chandragiri Fort where time seems to stand still

The quiet road does not seem to hold any surprises. The verdant landscape on either side of the road is dotted with tiled houses. At one point, the road bifurcates. The road on the right climbs steadily, leaving behind all signs of inhabitation. There is a nip in the air. A cool breeze that whispers through the coconut leaves carries the smell of the sea.

As you take yet another turn on the deserted road, a green hillock looms ahead. You have to squint your eyes to discern that the green hillock is a fort. This is Chandragiri Fort, built by Sivappa Naik of Bedanore in the 17th century. It was part of a chain of beautiful forts built by him.

It requires some amount of acrobatic skills to climb to the top of the fort. The picturesque view from the top looks ephemeral.

A pastoral world of green stretches for miles before gradually merging into the sky. The wall of the fort, blackened with age, stands silhouetted against the blue sky and the verdant countryside. A well inside the fort looks a little eerie in the dying moments of the day. You could spend hours gazing at the panoramic stretch.

Strange trap doors on the ground tempt the daredevil in you. However, the enveloping darkness prevents you from exploring the surroundings.

It is a picturesque scene as the sun sinks into the horizon. Even the muddy and uninspiring waters of the Chandragiri seem to pause for while to savour the sunset. It is a scene to cherish and one of the many reasons to visit this place.

Source: The Hindu

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