A Dish to Die For

Fugu is a delectable dish in Japan, but there is catch in it. Fish, Puffer fish. Puffer fish, seen in about a hundred varieties around the world doesn’t need any such dramatic introduction. Especially to the Japanese people. In its best shape, the fish comes in transparent slices as fugu sushi, a delectable Japanese dish, marvelously choreographed in the shape of chrysanthemum, heavily garnished and accompanied by a flourish of sour sauce for dipping. In the hands of an experienced … Continue reading

The giggle of the selfish gene

Bored. Will marry that girl. Cool. Must get the job. Should cause envy. Next, I want a mansion. Should be at the heart of the city, Kowdiar. A car. Audi. Benz. Why not Rolls Royce? Will make my neighbors drool. Then prayer, penance and salvation. I laugh. Hey! I don’t say I laugh aloud. But then who makes that noise? They giggle. Take chances in our life. I brag. Be assertive in life. Be Positive. Aren’t we at the pinnacle … Continue reading

Closely Watched Trains

The penchant for train journeys had taken the writer into interesting terrains when he was a teenage boy. I don’t understand it, my friend. What is the point in leaving home if you haven’t penciled train journeys in your itinerary! I always want to be in a train zipping through nights like a pointless arrow. To destinations unknown. Even the drizzle should find it hard to catch up with the pace and must break into pieces in despair. The travel … Continue reading

War of the Worlds

“Chetta, I am really lucky. I never thought I would get a man who doesn’t drink.” I turned back to see who she was talking to. Damn! To me indeed. “Yeah, er…yes, ok. I don’t like drinking,” I said. I had to, man. I desperately wanted her then. I smiled; on the nearby wall my shadow bawled aloud hitting his head on the concrete. This is the end, he warned the tippler in me between his screams… I married Divya … Continue reading