101 reasons to love Kerala:Tree Shades

Come under the greenwood tree. Sometimes, the wood must be missed for the trees. For there are moments in journeys when a forest suddenly comes apart into individual trees, shielding us from the sun, from the buffets of rain and wind, offering us warty beds on their feet, whenever we feel that yet another step means a certain death. There is a tree at the top of Rayiranellur mount near Valanchery from where the legendary Naranathu Bhranthan rolled down big … Continue reading

All for chicken

Sometimes all the money in the world cannot bring the simple things you wish for. I tried every other trick I had in my kitty. And learned that hitting a jackpot, marrying the girl of your heart, getting separated from the wrong one, building the dream home, going to the moon are all easier. Than this. First I thought it could be something wrong with me. So I started to work on my side. I held my plate with a … Continue reading

A Dish to Die For

Fugu is a delectable dish in Japan, but there is catch in it. Fish, Puffer fish. Puffer fish, seen in about a hundred varieties around the world doesn’t need any such dramatic introduction. Especially to the Japanese people. In its best shape, the fish comes in transparent slices as fugu sushi, a delectable Japanese dish, marvelously choreographed in the shape of chrysanthemum, heavily garnished and accompanied by a flourish of sour sauce for dipping. In the hands of an experienced … Continue reading

The giggle of the selfish gene

Bored. Will marry that girl. Cool. Must get the job. Should cause envy. Next, I want a mansion. Should be at the heart of the city, Kowdiar. A car. Audi. Benz. Why not Rolls Royce? Will make my neighbors drool. Then prayer, penance and salvation. I laugh. Hey! I don’t say I laugh aloud. But then who makes that noise? They giggle. Take chances in our life. I brag. Be assertive in life. Be Positive. Aren’t we at the pinnacle … Continue reading