Wings of Desire

Don’t show me attitude. If you insist that to Emma Hamilton(1765-1815), the auburn-haired muse from England you are asking her to die. Without ‘Attitudes’,  her name, her career, her grant lovers, her life… all she had earned would be flushed out of history. Perhaps along with it would go, the new ballet form born in the 19th century which Emma heavily influenced. Born to a blacksmith father, Emma had to struggle hard, climbing up through a string of lovers, to … Continue reading

A Cup of Tea

Ah! For yet another cup of tea. I have woken up in a hundred different places in Kerala. (With all this traveling). But wherever I wake up, and whenever I do I find myself wired for a cup of steaming hot tea. Like you. But the best ‘teas’ in my life have waited at a distance. So here I am, scrambling to my feet, stretching my limbs, getting ready for the early morning walk. It is dark outside. Let a … Continue reading

Raisin the perfect

There is a 62- kilometer stretch somewhere deep in Spain which is bordered with terraced vineyards, and speckled with traditional drying beds of grapes. Back in the 19th century travelers stood there in wonder as they saw those fine pebbles drying in the sun. They had only to taste to taste them to anoint Muscatel raisin as the emperor of raisins in the world. El Borge, that beautiful village situated 28 kms from Malaga town on the scenic ‘Route of … Continue reading

Last tango on the road

About the awesome moments in our lives… You are driving. With little foresight you had emptied pitchers and pitchers of water before the journey. Blame yourself. If water goes in, it must find a way out. See. It finds it out. You hear it trickling in and sloshing inside the check dam deep below. The alarm rings now. No problem. So long as there are roads, there are road sides too. You only have to switch off your environ-conscience for … Continue reading