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Sorry, readers for the interruption. RRR doesn’t post its ‘Road’ piece today because it has an important announcement to make. We have some news for you. RRR invites our readers with a penchant for writing to mail us their stories (450 – 700 words)for our space – ‘Guest House.’ At the moment, we are looking for travel pieces, photo features(Where we need some text to accompany the pics and create the mood) and personal essays. Do not hesitate to send us a mugshot of you.Please do email us your copies with photographs for the story at manuremakant@hotmail.com.

P.S:-Writers are also free to adopt a¬†pseudonym if they feel the need to secure their identities. And one thing more: RRR doesn’t provide any remuneration at the moment. Want to know why? 1) A single-man – adventure has its limitations, no deep pockets. 2) Till now RRR has shied away from all ad offers and revenue opportunities fearing compromise. But it gives you a wonderful platform.

We have now readers from more than a hundred countries. Make use of us. Here we wait.

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