Freekick meets Facebook II

Continued from ‘Freekick meets Facebook I

Bhaskaran Nair : Mother died.
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JJ Sivan: How sad!
Jancy Rani: Jeezes!
Renuka P: OMG!
Unnikkuttan: ROFL
Pavanan Kovilakathu: ROFL!!!
Unnikkuttan:  Oops! Sorry. Mmmm….Er…LOL?
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VS Sathyan: My wife





Unnikkuttan: Sathyan uncle, I am also interested. 840 shares! But she is worth the wait. Awesome! Uncle, can you please tell me what number you have reached? When will my number come?
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A photography community

Omanaseelan S via mobile:







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Joy Peter: ???
Omanaseelan S: My father died.
Janardhanan: Awesome click!
Rajesh TC: Kidu! Kudos bro!
Joy Varghese: Omanaseelan, that bandage should have come at the left-bottom corner of the frame. Don’t you know about the golden third law?
Omanaseelan S: Sorry sir, I know that. But what to do! We didn’t get a chance. It was a lorry which hit him. The doctors told me they can only bandage the injured area. Except that, do you find any other flaws with this pic?
Joy Varghese: Yeah, a little more sadness on the face of your father would have been perfect.
Omanaseelan S: Thank you Joy sir. Will try after the rigor mortis. Thank you all for your valuable suggestions. Stay tuned for more pics.
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Rani Sasi: Achuthanandan left home yesterday
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Arun Rajeev: He will. He might have gone to see the politburo members. We know that at the end the federalism of the bourgeois and the vindications of the commercialization will make a victim out of Achuthanandan.
Biju Kurien: Arun, don’t try to plug holes using darkness. You are wrong there. Achuthanandan has the abracadabration of the party machines. He has the narcisation and the demogernation of the whole people behind him. Don’t fail to read history.
Unnikkuttan: Amme…
Thomas John: Then what do you say of the internalization of the communist plenarisation and the capitalist wintervertilization? Has anyone has got anything say about that?
Unnikkuttan: Amme…
Biju Janardhanan: Who is this calling amme…amme… here? Buzz off you brat!
Unnikkuttan: Uncle, that was my aunt telling me that my Achuthanandan maman is coming to our home at Kulashekharam. He is working in the army, you know? Who are you people uncle? What are you talking about?
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Sasidharan Nair via Mobile:
Need AB plus blood immediately. Kindly respond.
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Susan Thomas: h
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Kiranlal: Hi!
Manoj P: Hello!
Bobby Narayan: Hi Hello!
Adarsh Roshan: Hello, hello, hello…
Sabu Kattapurthil: Beginning of a new poem? Interesting.
Anil Nair: J
Anil Varghese: L
Soman: Hijk?
Kerala Police
Tsunami hit Kerala
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Narayanan Potty: Awesome…Awesome! Can you share more…(glug, glug, glug)
James RS: Stunning! Stu…(glug, glug, glug)
Lord Yama on bull: ROFL. Double like. Never thought things would be this easy. Everybody was out with their mobs taking pics for uploads. lol, lol, lol….ha ha ha….mone…Facebook is awesome, kidu!
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  1. kidu…kidu…. 😛
    pinne 2 nd Unnikkuttan i ku pakaram u anu
    pinne aa photofraphy communitty name Omanaseelan Photography ennu kodukkayirnu…..
    u again rock sir… words…..

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    • :-)) Thanks, Balu. Corrected.

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