Freekick Meets Facebook I

The writer snips a few pages off the facebook and wonders what.

Biju Vinayak via mobile
How am I?








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Biju Vinayak via mobile
My sister









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Sreedharan Awesome!!!
Vinod Narayan: Super da!!!


Asha Cheriyan via mobile.

TP’s murder. The sonorification of Communist party. TP, TP, TP. The bujivalkalisation of the bourgeois has created the commodisation of the market. TP, TP, TP. That is populace. TP, TP, TP.

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Roy Matthews: True Asha!
Bijukkuttan: How true! That is exactly what is happening in Communist party. How deplorable!
Sony Varghese: Exactly the point, Asha.
Unnikkuttan: What point Sony uncle?
Peter Cherayi: That is the fact.
Unnikkuttan: What is the fact, Peter uncle? I don’t understand what Asha aunty said.
Asha Cheriyan: Thanks all. The murder of TP Jayakrishnan while he was in the classroom happened because of this megametalisation in the proleterait.
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Unnikkuttan: Ayyo aunty, he is not TP Jayakrishnan, but TP Chandrashekharan and he was not murdered in a classroom. You messed it up with Jayakrishnan mash.
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A Technopark community

Thomas George: Selvaraj wins!
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Mary John: Oolalala!
Maya Mohini: Hip, hip…Hurray!!! Wah! Selvu made it! Congrats!
Rubina Yousef: And what did you tell us sir, last week? That you don’t think he is good. He always sits in the kitchen eating all the time. He is a good for nothing boy. Now see. You must throw us a party, sir.
Susan Thomas: Yippee!!! Congrats Thomas sir… you must throw a party for us.
Vinaya Menon: Super…da…take him along when you come to the office tomorrow.
Jincy Sebastion: Chweetie! How cute! Our hugs to Selvaraj. Which class is he now?
Thomas George: Do you know who Selvaraj is? Haven’t you heard anything about the Neyyattinkara elections?
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Somashekharan: Two men brutally raped a girl. The body is still lying on a ground in the city.
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Bhaskaran Nair: Beasts! Mongrels! The culprits must be shot to death.
Divakaran Pilla: No no, Bhaskaran sir, bloody sons of a %$^….Their genitals should be hacked off.
Joy Varghese: Yes, they must be given maximum punishment. Meanwhile Somashekharan sir, which ground in the city?
Bhaskaran Nair and Divakaran Pilla: Yeah, which ground? Is the body still there? Do the police allow visitors?
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Poetry Community

Ganeshan: ONV Kurup wins Jnanapith award!
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Yousuf: He deserves that. I have been telling my wife for the last fifteen years since our marriage that somebody who could write the lines, “Neelajalashayame…” deserves the best in life.
ONV: I never wrote those lines.
Yousuf: Iyyyoooo…(In the background we can hear crashes, bangs, aluminum vessels crashing).


Nirmala Menon : Please read my poem
“Thin that sun one
Master of the blaster one
Rough seas, no no no
The calm seas raise the middle finger
And Rama brought the tea for her.”

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Biju CS: Wah, Nirmala Madam. Excellent!
Reji Koshy: Awesome!
Shajahan Waheed: Stunning!
Ajithkumar KC: What an image! “Rama brought the tea.”
John K: Then hear this out my friends. “I fall upon the thorns of life, I bleed.”
Praveen Nair: Who is that creep?
John K: A poet.
Reji Koshy: A poet! Can you write something like “Master of the Blaster” in your life? Nirmalaji, you are awesome.
John K: A thing of beauty…
Reji Koshy: Shut up.
Ajithkumar KC: Throw him out of the community Manu.
Praveen Nair: Yeah, throw him out.
Manu R: The member, John Keats was removed from community for indecent behaviour.
Shajahan Waheed: Awesome!. I like that part. “The calm seas raising the middle finger…” as if her other fingers are too weak to support the middle one. What an image! What an image! Super da! To write something like that, you need oodles of talent, and you could be living in an awesome place. Where do you live? What is your address? Do you work? Or studying in All Saints?
Nirmala Menon: Thank you Biju mama, thanks Koshy uncle, Manu uncle, Aji uncle, Shajahan mama…and all those who are encouraging me. With uncles like you to support me, I will become a great poet. When I get to fourth stranded..oops…spelling mistake(he he he), 4th standard I will participate in the poetry competition, uncles. Uncle…UNCLE… Everybody gone!!! What happened!
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  1. superbbbbbb…… 😀

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  2. Super hilarious ! One of the best satire of human psyche on facebook. Thanks Manu !

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    • Thank you Anand

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  3. superb sir…… 😀

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  4. But then perhaps,
    manu should also forbid people from writing ‘superb manu’ here 😀

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