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When America went Dry


Oh, yes, yes. Let us ban it. Let us drain our kegs empty. Let the employees of Beverages Corporation find something else for a job. Let us pitch the last bottle of rum to the Arabian Sea and declare our land dry and truly His own. But wait. Statistics from history somehow predict a grim future. Banning the hot liquid is not easy as one might imagine. King Barebista of Trace tried it in 50 BC . Six years later … Continue reading

The Sea Within – Linie Aquavit

Linie akvavit - tropisk

Some drinks are concocted after long meditations and elaborate experiments. Berries are handpicked with extreme care; the essence is extracted without drawing the bitter components, distilled through a cumbersome process, and stashed away in casks deep down the earth for a painfully long period for maturation. After centuries of trial and error the final drink is perfected. But a rare few are stumbled upon. Like the Norwegian Linie Aquavit. When in 1805, Heinrich Meincke and his sister Catherina Lysholm, loaded … Continue reading

The Wrath of Bacchus

beer flood

Godwin, a poulterer was busy in the backyard of his house with his family, when someone shouted “beer”. He swiveled around, extended his hand to accept it. But it was too much beer for his callous fingers. The beer picked him as well as his whole family, carried them through their house, and out of the front door where they were running a shop until fifteen minutes ago, and flung them into the opposite side of the street. Godwin had … Continue reading

Great Men Dumb drinkers


Drink kills. The other day when I saw this ad posted by the excise department, I thought I would die laughing. But I couldn’t as I was seriously driving. How could they do it! The whole excise department is set up on rock solid ‘malayalee drinking’. Did they give it a thought before floating such an ad, what they would do if malayalees nod at their proposal, brood over it and quit drinking the next day? They were so near … Continue reading