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Drambuie: A Toast to Friendship


Speed bonnie boat, like a bird on the wing, Onward, the sailors cry Carry the lad that’s born to be king Over the sea to Skye (A Skye boat song written later based on the incident) The boat moved steadily to the Isle of Skye, away from the mainland of Scotland. Bonnie Prince Charlie, who bravely fought against the English was aboard. But you wouldn’t recognize him easily. He was now in the boat in the attire of an Irish … Continue reading

The Green Fire that Consumes Poets


Dramatis personae Paul Marie Verlaine: He was associated with the Symbolist movement. One of the greatest French poets. Arthur Rimbaud: One of the most popular French poets. He wrote poems for only 5 years. Stopped writing at the age of 20. Died, when he was only 37. Absinthe: A green-coloured alcohol which was a rage in Europe during the last part of 19th Century and the beginning of the 20th Century. Location: Paris and a little bit of Brussels. The … Continue reading

Apocalypse now: Breaking Spirits

broken bottle

1997. It was 10pm. All beverage outlets in the city were closed. The party was only reaching its climax. Everybody present desperately needed a couple of pegs more for the road, but they were looking down an empty cache without a single bottle left. As the host I smiled, and asked my confidante to pull out my last number from the cupboard – a bottle of Bacardi. “Wow!” everyone interjected in unison. I smiled proudly. It was magic indeed to … Continue reading

It turns Green! Go Man, Go!


E.M Fournier. You hear his name for the first time. He too never thought his name would become so famous that you would one day be asked to note him down. Especially in a page that discusses on alcohol. Fournier had nothing to do with anything intoxicating; history hadn’t handed down to us even the fact that he drank. But today we need him here for bizarre reasons. Well, he was a professor at the University of Besancon, France at … Continue reading