Famously Famous Whisky


Birds have nothing to do with whisky except for their job to comply as crispy snacks, fried, dried and roasted to accompany the drink at a party. But the Grouse had changed that. When Entrepreneur Maathew Gloag’s daughter Philippina sketched the picture of the red Grouse, the national game bird of Scotland she didn’t know this was going to be epochal. It soon became the mascot of ‘the most famous scotch’ from Scotland Earlier Matthew Gloag who was invited to … Continue reading

Kopstootj’ed in the Netherlands


Let’s walk the streets of Amsterdam, the Netherlands this weekend. You know this country and its people, the old Holland and the Dutch who long back landed on the coasts of our Kerala, thereby opening the floodgates of colonial times. Yeah, we are right there, at its capital. They taught you many things when they were here. But did they teach you Kopstootje? No! Well, this is an unfair world. People keep the best things to themselves and farm out … Continue reading

A Single Glass of Whisky


After A Single Glass of Beer in which the writer has told you how beer is made he takes on whisky this time. Everybody knows whisky. But only a few understand how the amber liquid is made. This week I’ll take you right into the heart of the amber drink. At the end you’ll know how it is made and why no two whiskies in the world ever taste the same. Whisky is simple arithmetic: Barley + yeast + water … Continue reading

It turns Green! Go Man, Go!


E.M Fournier. You hear his name for the first time. He too never thought his name would become so famous that you would one day be asked to note him down. Especially in a page that discusses on alcohol. Fournier had nothing to do with anything intoxicating; history hadn’t handed down to us even the fact that he drank. But today we need him here for bizarre reasons. Well, he was a professor at the University of Besancon, France at … Continue reading