Bolt from the Blue Agave


Here we’re on a volcano valley deep in the Aztec land in South America. It is 1000AD. Just look around. As far as the eye can see there are only metl plants. There’s a storm raging over. Suddenly. Tearing the thick cover of clouds, a bolt of lightning zips down and falls on one of the plants. The smoke settles down after a few minutes. One by one, the Aztec people who witnessed the incident steps forward to taste the … Continue reading

Drooling for Chicha?

Chicherias (Fx)

Enough of goody-goody stuff like Glenlivet Single malt scotch? Is there an epicurean adventurer straining at leash inside you? Ready to go any extent to taste the un-tasted? Then let’s Latin-America this week buddy. Once there I’ll ask you to take a shot of this local drink, based on maize, milky-brown for the eye, bittersweet in the mouth. Ready for the game? On the positive side, the drink you took just now is believed to lower your blood pressure. Brewed … Continue reading

Glenlivet: A drink fit for the King

House Prices, Cigarettes and Whisky Expected To Feature In Budget

First they thought they’d misheard it. This could not happen. When they heard it again they were shocked. All that George IV, the King of England,  asked was a glass of Glenlivet. He was going to address a public function in Scotland during a much publicized visit to mend the broken relationship between the two countries, to heal the wounds of  Scotland which was defeated in an all out battle sometime back. George was accorded a warm reception along the … Continue reading

Honey, I wanna tell you something. It’s honey!


How much drunk is drunk? Thomas Love Peacock has a measuring unit. He authoritatively says when a drunkard should call it a day. “He is not drunk who from the floor Can rise again and drink some more But he is drunk who prostrate lies And cannot drink and cannot rise.” What hell of a drink is that? Rum or Brandy? Whiskey or Vodka? Honey, I wanna tell you something. It’s honey! Peacock didn’t have any other drink in his … Continue reading