The Sea Within – Linie Aquavit

Linie akvavit - tropisk

Some drinks are concocted after long meditations and elaborate experiments. Berries are handpicked with extreme care; the essence is extracted without drawing the bitter components, distilled through a cumbersome process, and stashed away in casks deep down the earth for a painfully long period for maturation. After centuries of trial and error the final drink is perfected. But a rare few are stumbled upon. Like the Norwegian Linie Aquavit. When in 1805, Heinrich Meincke and his sister Catherina Lysholm, loaded … Continue reading

The Cream of Spirits


Hello world. As our author is down with fever he assigned me with providing you with some hot statistics to keep you warm. There are many alcohol surveys doing rounds in the online world. I depend on the one conducted by IWSR (International Wine and Spirits Research)on 2006 for this story. 50 million litres! That is the quantity of spirit produced across the world every year. Although only half of it is  official as in many countries alcohol is produced … Continue reading

The Cat, The Sling and the Notepad

Writer's barr

The writer takes you to one of the world’s most beloved hotels where legends are born. Drop in to it Long Bar which is considered as one of the top ten bars in the world. Life can be peaceful without the Raffles if you successfully skirt around Singapore. But once there you cannot resist much when history beckons you to the legendary hotel and its Long Bar. All roads in the city lead to the beach side building, now anointed … Continue reading

Milkin’ Kicks


A word of caution: After reading this, don’t grow a habit of ‘remembering to forget’ using milk in time. It will hardly turn to your fancy drink with any amount of pressure or time you lavish on it. There was an age at which we all grew out of milk. I know only a few adults who continue to have the same amount of passion for the white drink – a love to flaunt that milk mustache – like when they … Continue reading