The Old Man and the Drink


Cuba, 19th Century. Fortified with bottles of Canchanchara strapped to their saddles, the mambises led by Antonio Maceo, were a strong force to be reckoned with. The drink made of rum, lime juice and ‘honey’(Cuban molasses) was not only a thirst quencher, but it was also an excellent pain killer for the Cuban guerrilla soldiers fighting against the Spanish for their independence during the 19th century. Ask the 63 year old American General William Shafter who was chocking the Spanish … Continue reading

Alewives of the Dark Age


Behind every good brew there was once a woman. We go back 4000 years before Christ, to Babylon and Sumeria, where ale (a sort of beer) was the chief drink, young, yummy, and hygienic. The alewives, as brewsters were known, were the rallying point for men who banded together every evening after a hard day’s toil. This was the time when the King of Hordoland was so carried away that he married an alewife. He never had to go out … Continue reading

Leffe: The Perfect Abbey Beer


Long long ago water was more dangerous than alcohol. You name a disease; all the microorganisms which caused it were dutifully present in drinking water. You took one sip of the mucky water those days you would be rushed to the hospital or an abbey nearby to be administered with medicines steeped in alcohol. Distillation and brewing cleared the mud making water potable. Just like we buy packaged drinking water, they sought spirits to stay away from dirt and disease. … Continue reading

Go Blast it with Jagerbomb


A Toast to the woods Curt Mast was an enthusiastic hunter from Germany. When out of the woods during the off season, Mast had a habit of tossing together wild herbs with the intention of making a drink for his friends. He finally succeeded in distilling a heavenly liqueur and christened it Jagermeister, which meant ‘hunting master’ in German. Before every bout of hunting, hunters should raise a toast with the new drink, he insisted. Jagermeister, the liqueur soon took … Continue reading