A Single Glass of Brandy


Alchemists were people with a little boy’s fantasies. As children would like to see wheels under everything stationary so that they could trundle it around, alchemists long back took to a fancy of burning or boiling down everything around them. They thought something would one day turn into either gold or the magical medicine for immortality. So when they got wine, the fermented essence of grapes, the alchemists didn’t think twice. They made the concentrate. Hmm…bitter, but they liked the … Continue reading

One Hundred Years of Hibernation


He could’ve bungled in Kingfisher airlines. But when Vijay Mallya sent his private jet to New Zealand to bring three bottles of whiskey to the distillery of Whyte and Mackay in Scotland which he owns, few in the industry raised their eyebrows questioning his sanity. He knew the potential of the spirit waiting for him. Once the bottles reached Scotland he asked the master blender, Peterson to sit over the drink, analyze it in detail, to unlock the mysteries behind … Continue reading

Summer of unguessed wonders

Dandelion Wine Final

Mr. Rum comes across a highly evocative account about a particular wine in a novel. Well…he is stuck there. Wine is bottled poetry, said R.L Stevenson. But when does it become bottled summer? Take a swig of this wine in one cold January morning. The wine, distilled from thousands of golden yellow flower petals, bloomed in a summer must be savoured in a cold season if you want to know her well. “Dandelion wine. The words were summer on the … Continue reading

The Green Fire that Consumes Poets


Dramatis personae Paul Marie Verlaine: He was associated with the Symbolist movement. One of the greatest French poets. Arthur Rimbaud: One of the most popular French poets. He wrote poems for only 5 years. Stopped writing at the age of 20. Died, when he was only 37. Absinthe: A green-coloured alcohol which was a rage in Europe during the last part of 19th Century and the beginning of the 20th Century. Location: Paris and a little bit of Brussels. The … Continue reading