Whisky week: A Single peg of Whisky


You have got a peg of whisky on the table. Before you ladle water and destroy the delicate universe in your glass, have you ever stopped and wondered what goes into this amber liquid – what history, what topography, what people, what serendipities, what diligent studies, what vision, what science, what music, what drama, what rough climate, what soggy earth, what grain, what peat, what yeast, what long meditations in dingy and dark warehouses, what oceans and continents this single … Continue reading

A sexy witch in short skirt, A clipper ship and The Cutty Sark


“Weel Done. Cutty-Sark. And in an instant all was dark.” Tam’ Shanter was on his way home from an inn all drunk. He stopped midway. His curiosity was evoked when Tam heard strange noises trickling out from a nearby church. Nosy guy he was. Now drunken too. He entered the holy premises only to find a bare-breasted witch dancing in a voluptuous cutty-sark, a short skirt. An excited Tam could not hold out for long. He cried out: “Weel done … Continue reading

The Battle for Budweiser – II


Continued from ‘The Battle for Budweiser – Part 1’ When the Czech crossed the ocean with their national beer, they found St. Louis in the American west an interesting place. Built over limestone caves the town was abuzz with Germans who had fled revolution in Europe. They had brought with them their love for beer. George Schneider, an entrepreneur established a Bavarian brewery in 1852 to cater to the Germans who were nostalgic about the beer they had drunk in … Continue reading

The Battle for Budweiser – 1


What’s in a name? Shakespeare asked in the 16th century, and digressed to the smell of a rose. But for two legendary brewers based on the opposite shores of the Atlantic, a name is everything for which they must exist and fight for. Hundreds of years of legal battles. Millions spent on lawsuits over different countries. Every time a company wins an exclusive right to sell its product in a country, Lady Luck changes sides dramatically. The world is divided … Continue reading