The Ten Commandments of RRR


Continued from Part 1 The Ten Commandments of RRR Well, my friends, we have come a long way from the Vedas. I don’t have the patience to read references to wine in Ayurveda which also reeks with alcohol (perhaps we can do that on another occasion). RRR is happy. And is back on its course. It finds that it is not far from the tradition when it waxes on drinks. But like all good scriptures, RRR also has a moral … Continue reading

For One Bitter Experience with Unicum


Imagine you are at home, busy, working against a deadline; you don’t have time for any shit. A bore rings you up and announces he is on his way to your home to spend the whole day with you. Poof! You are bombed!  Is there anything in the world which would drive him away? If you were a Hungarian you would not be asking me. Instead you would be rinsing the glass with an evil glee itching to serve him … Continue reading

Whisky Week: Reading the Label


“So what are the odds, Prakash?” I asked. “Manu, we have a Scotch and something called dry martini. I don’t know what the hell the second one is. Should I go for Scotch?” The name dry martini gave me a jolt. I knew his uncle. The old man, ignorant on the pedigree of drinks but still greedy and reluctant to part with the best would not give it up even for his life if somebody gives him the exciting facts … Continue reading

Whisky week: Single Malt vs Blended


Have you ever heard of Aston Martin One -77? No. It is the top line, the cherry-on-the-cream luxurious car. “Forget it sir, you won’t be able to buy it,” the salesman at the showroom brushes you away with a shrug amidst that blanket of politeness he pulls over his eyes. Shove the car into …. Sorry, we are here for whisky. Tell me. What are the Aston Martins in the world of whiskies? I mean, the top ones. What? Can’t … Continue reading