The Cat, The Sling and the Notepad

Writer's barr

The writer takes you to one of the world’s most beloved hotels where legends are born. Drop in to it Long Bar which is considered as one of the top ten bars in the world. Life can be peaceful without the Raffles if you successfully skirt around Singapore. But once there you cannot resist much when history beckons you to the legendary hotel and its Long Bar. All roads in the city lead to the beach side building, now anointed … Continue reading

Milkin’ Kicks


A word of caution: After reading this, don’t grow a habit of ‘remembering to forget’ using milk in time. It will hardly turn to your fancy drink with any amount of pressure or time you lavish on it. There was an age at which we all grew out of milk. I know only a few adults who continue to have the same amount of passion for the white drink – a love to flaunt that milk mustache – like when they … Continue reading

A Single Glass of Beer


The writer wonders where this single glass of beer he holds trickles  from. Grapes go off to become wine. Wonderful! But hello…sir, I am here to listen to the story of beer. Let me be relished with the wonderful tale of this single glass of beer I hold. Tell us how a grain of barley is tempted to give out its amberessence. Well, to make it short and drab, beer is bread, bread beer. Period. Dust the common bread with … Continue reading

Late for the Party


Captain Colquhoun apologized profusely to Ault Taum for being late. He was swaying a bit on his feet. And was quite upset. “That is aw very well. But where is Jessy?” barked Taum, putting away his spade. Colquhoun turned and looked at the crowd which had closely been following him. Most of them were Miss. Jessy’s students. “Where is Jessy?” The question echoed and reechoed among the people. They looked at one another trying to remember when they saw her … Continue reading