Culture & Etiquettes

It is about drinking culture and etiquettes followed by different people around the world

Late for the Party


Captain Colquhoun apologized profusely to Ault Taum for being late. He was swaying a bit on his feet. And was quite upset. “That is aw very well. But where is Jessy?” barked Taum, putting away his spade. Colquhoun turned and looked at the crowd which had closely been following him. Most of them were Miss. Jessy’s students. “Where is Jessy?” The question echoed and reechoed among the people. They looked at one another trying to remember when they saw her … Continue reading

The Story of Pilsner in 3 Acts


Dramatis Personae Hops and Barley – The two main ingredients in beer. Moravia and Bohemia – Parts of the Czech Republic Bavaria – A German Province bordering Bohemia which helps her in beer crisis. Pilsner – A type of pale lager beer born in the city of Pilzen, Bohemia. Joseph Groll – The Bavarian beermaster, who helped the Bohemians make the first Pilsner in the world. Bohemia – Bohemia. The Bohemian way – Ask Joseph Groll (Only from a safe … Continue reading

Onto the Scaffold with the Poles


I know why many of you prefer vodka. It was our customary first-stage promotion from the world of beer. We had only a faint prick of conscience when we knocked back for the first time the colourless, almost flavourless, odourless liquid which had the look and feel of water. A little water, after all, can do no harm. In fact it was from ‘woda’ which means water in the Slavic tongue, vodka got its name. We also love vodkas because … Continue reading

The Nuts and Bolts of Toasting


The writer traces the history of toasting and collects a few pebbles on the way. Toasting is immense fun. Unless you have a Viking (one of the Norse warriors who plundered Europe from 8th to 11th Century) sitting opposite the table. If you have one, things get hot really fast. Don’t dare to take your eyes off from his as you say your toast. Otherwise you have every chance to end the day with an axe lodged deep into your … Continue reading