Culture & Etiquettes

It is about drinking culture and etiquettes followed by different people around the world

Raking up Death


The air is permeated with the smell of blood and death in a mount somewhere in Palakkad. Welcome to the abode of Malaippothy. When the annual festival arrives, people from all walks of life gather on the holy mount with pots of toddy and live chicken to appease the Malai Bhagavathy(Malaippothy). The poojari will rip the head of the cock that you have brought over  a stone idol now soaked in red. Now settle down somewhere in the mount and … Continue reading

Kopstootj’ed in the Netherlands


Let’s walk the streets of Amsterdam, the Netherlands this weekend. You know this country and its people, the old Holland and the Dutch who long back landed on the coasts of our Kerala, thereby opening the floodgates of colonial times. Yeah, we are right there, at its capital. They taught you many things when they were here. But did they teach you Kopstootje? No! Well, this is an unfair world. People keep the best things to themselves and farm out … Continue reading

Drooling for Chicha?

Chicherias (Fx)

Enough of goody-goody stuff like Glenlivet Single malt scotch? Is there an epicurean adventurer straining at leash inside you? Ready to go any extent to taste the un-tasted? Then let’s Latin-America this week buddy. Once there I’ll ask you to take a shot of this local drink, based on maize, milky-brown for the eye, bittersweet in the mouth. Ready for the game? On the positive side, the drink you took just now is believed to lower your blood pressure. Brewed … Continue reading

Milkin’ Kicks


A word of caution: After reading this, don’t grow a habit of ‘remembering to forget’ using milk in time. It will hardly turn to your fancy drink with any amount of pressure or time you lavish on it. There was an age at which we all grew out of milk. I know only a few adults who continue to have the same amount of passion for the white drink – a love to flaunt that milk mustache – like when they … Continue reading