Culture & Etiquettes

It is about drinking culture and etiquettes followed by different people around the world

The Legend of the Green Fairy


First published in ‘The Economic Times.’ It is a storm that the high court of Kerala has kicked up recently when it observed why the government should consider banning toddy, a traditional beverage of the state, given the kind of spurious liquor that flows galore by its name. Can a drink be wiped off with the swish of a wand? Have we ever witch-hunted any other drink like this before? That Green Fairy A pair of green eyes peers us … Continue reading

The Wine and The Vedas


RRR is sad. RRR regrets about the stories he has told you on alcohol. He bites his tongue hard and presently mulls over getting the first ‘R’ expand into something else other than ‘Rum’, hmm…say, ‘Railway’? No, railway sounds dull. Hmmm…got it! ‘Ram’! Yeah, that’s good! Ram reflects our culture! RAM! The symbol of noble manhood of our nation. The Maryada Purushothaman. Prayers on my ears. Ram will sure wash away half the sin of singing paeans on alcohol until … Continue reading

The Ten Commandments of RRR


Continued from Part 1 The Ten Commandments of RRR Well, my friends, we have come a long way from the Vedas. I don’t have the patience to read references to wine in Ayurveda which also reeks with alcohol (perhaps we can do that on another occasion). RRR is happy. And is back on its course. It finds that it is not far from the tradition when it waxes on drinks. But like all good scriptures, RRR also has a moral … Continue reading

Alewives of the Dark Age


Behind every good brew there was once a woman. We go back 4000 years before Christ, to Babylon and Sumeria, where ale (a sort of beer) was the chief drink, young, yummy, and hygienic. The alewives, as brewsters were known, were the rallying point for men who banded together every evening after a hard day’s toil. This was the time when the King of Hordoland was so carried away that he married an alewife. He never had to go out … Continue reading