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Wild, Wild, Yeast


The writer savours a variety of beer, the Lambic, which is wilderness bottled. We know yeast runs the alcohol business. Some precious ones, which lend unique taste to very popular brews, were stumbled upon long back. They have been properly reared and cultivated in labs from time to time so that people can still savour the same alcohol their ancestors drank centuries back. In an earlier story we saw how the loyal staff of Bacardi destroyed the last yeast cells … Continue reading

Batting against Red


Will the soul ever return to the body? As the era of Fidel Castro teeters towards its end, this is the million dollar question resonating in the hearts of rum aficionados around the world.  There is the rum, Bacardi. There is this exotic country, Cuba. The drink was born centuries ago in the sugarcane plantations of the beautiful island country. But happiness did not last forever, the day came when the soul had to leave the body with much anguish. … Continue reading

Is Guinness Good for You?


The saga of the most famous beer in the World Ever been to Dublin, Ireland? No? It is a must-visit place if you have a pub crawler in you. Whichever way you turn you meet pubs, pubs and more pubs. No wonder, James Joyce, the country’s most celebrated writer once mused aloud whether there was any way to cross Dublin without passing a pub. People! They took his joke seriously and pored over the city map. The fever reached such … Continue reading