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Lethal Games


Today we are on our way to meet the most potent alcohols in the world, the most dangerous ones in terms of ‘kicks’ they deliver. Know them only from a distance. Absinthe Known as the Green fairie, Absinthe was banned in many countries once because of its alleged hallucinogenic properties. A favourite of writers, artists and musicians the drink has a cult following all the time. The anise-flavoured drink is made from the flowers and leaves of wormwood. Try the … Continue reading

The Cat, The Sling and the Notepad

Writer's barr

The writer takes you to one of the world’s most beloved hotels where legends are born. Drop in to it Long Bar which is considered as one of the top ten bars in the world. Life can be peaceful without the Raffles if you successfully skirt around Singapore. But once there you cannot resist much when history beckons you to the legendary hotel and its Long Bar. All roads in the city lead to the beach side building, now anointed … Continue reading

A Few Shots of Amarula Away


For the baboon, the world has gone suddenly mad. To make sure he thrusts a few more fruits into his mouth and looks again. There is only a blur, but he feels strangely glad. He totters towards the base of a mount he makes out vaguely at a distance. After all that screeching and babbling, now the baboon desperately wants to sleep the funny feeling off. Meanwhile the mount towards which the baboon is heading to is lying on the … Continue reading

Some like it Du kang!


Feast your eyes on its beauty, bring it closer so that your nose picks the sweet wafts of a fruity aroma, now gently lock your lips on the brim of the cup and let the liquid gravitate into your mouth molecule by molecule… Du Kang never thought he was going to be a legend in Chinese brewing industry when he stashed away wheat and millet in a tree hole near a mountain spring. He was saving them for hard times. … Continue reading