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Summer of unguessed wonders

Dandelion Wine Final

Mr. Rum comes across a highly evocative account about a particular wine in a novel. Well…he is stuck there. Wine is bottled poetry, said R.L Stevenson. But when does it become bottled summer? Take a swig of this wine in one cold January morning. The wine, distilled from thousands of golden yellow flower petals, bloomed in a summer must be savoured in a cold season if you want to know her well. “Dandelion wine. The words were summer on the … Continue reading

Shaken, Not Stirred

JAMES BOND Wity Martini

Most of us were initiated into the world of alcohol with a cocktail – Rum and Cola. The sweet beverage diluted the fire a bit and made it drinkable. Then some day as we became mature we grew out of our sweet tooth, saying goodbye to Cola. But that was not so in the west. Cocktails have become a way of life in America since the days of prohibition. With no legal drink available in the market, life was not … Continue reading

Famously Famous Whisky


Birds have nothing to do with whisky except for their job to comply as crispy snacks, fried, dried and roasted to accompany the drink at a party. But the Grouse had changed that. When Entrepreneur Maathew Gloag’s daughter Philippina sketched the picture of the red Grouse, the national game bird of Scotland she didn’t know this was going to be epochal. It soon became the mascot of ‘the most famous scotch’ from Scotland Earlier Matthew Gloag who was invited to … Continue reading

Glenlivet: A drink fit for the King

House Prices, Cigarettes and Whisky Expected To Feature In Budget

First they thought they’d misheard it. This could not happen. When they heard it again they were shocked. All that George IV, the King of England,  asked was a glass of Glenlivet. He was going to address a public function in Scotland during a much publicized visit to mend the broken relationship between the two countries, to heal the wounds of  Scotland which was defeated in an all out battle sometime back. George was accorded a warm reception along the … Continue reading