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Where Antlions turn into Damselflies – Part II

canonpalakkad 1567

(Continued from Part I) I’d worked in this district sometime back. But I’d never tasted authentic Palakkadan dishes like Muttappuli until I digged into the sumptuous meals at Sivasundaram’s home nearby. Back at the mud house we hit our bed to slough off the weariness from the long drive. The bedroom is big, but what takes the prize is the size of the bathroom. It would be love at first sight if you’ve already fed up with clammy toilets in … Continue reading

Pothundi through a Kaleidoscope

travel 616

Pothundi is a kaleidoscope. There are as many angles to view in it as there are moods the beautiful earthen dam can evoke in us. You can run through the gamut of time, or slide along the road that nestles it and stop at different points; you’ll always get fresh views and experiences. I saw it first time, a decade back, when I was working in Palakkad. Pothundi is near Nenmara village(8kms away). It is handsomely located on the way … Continue reading

Kindness in Blue Saree


Every journey begins with the note of a driver’s door slamming shut. The passengers sigh. There goes the double bell. A wave of cool air wafts across the stuffy atmosphere inside licking sweat on the way. One flick of the key, the bus comes alive into judders. My journey to Kuttikkanam from the KSRTC bus-station at Thampanoor thus began on a high note last month. A whole night of travel lay before me, I should learn to school my excited … Continue reading

An Ode on Traveling Alone

pattiyar 9

Traveling is a solo art. But the truth blooms quiet late in life. By the time it comes our limbs would have run out of all youth it once was bristling with. Remember the first trips out? Parents chose our destinations at a time our language hadn’t ossified into intelligible whole. Either they or we played dumb. We pointed North, they took us  South. The folks took our prattle for ice-cream to a demand for movies. They heard ‘schools’ when … Continue reading