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The Divine Comedy: Purgatario – Part 2

Continued from Purgatario – Part 1 “Why should I marry!” I don’t have an answer to that. “Well, er…you know, people marry…” “To make love?” he laughs again. “Ha ha ha…Chang f***18 girls a month, you know? Tell me, why should Chang marry, Jedda?” I swallow hard. But… “Eighteen women! You exaggerate a lot, Chang. May be, they are all pros,” Jijo asks to get some relief. Yeah Jijo, that was exactly what I was going to ask. “Jedda! There … Continue reading

Divine Comedy: Inferno

Friends, well wishers and my morally sensitive countrymen. Do not go beyond this point if the pictures of male genitalia and some plain talk on sex provoke you or wound your sentiments. Meet me at other stories which would soon appear in RRR. Au revoir! Shangri-la, the kingdom of happiness – Bhutan! What does it all mean! A country which patented the concept of Gross National Happiness (against the outdated idea of Gross National Product) to measure progress should be … Continue reading

Under a Thin Layer of Mist – King’s Cottage

“I have only 24 hours. I want to experience everything,” We shake hands, eyes locked, smiles locked, connecting immediately. Viju’s face sports the warmth of a host when he welcomes a customer from a faraway place like Trivandrum; but the hand I now hold is cold and steely with the Coorg climate. “You must be tired.” he replies, still holding. Viju turns to introduce Deepthy, his wife, who is behind him. “Hi,” we say almost together, smiling. The couple lead … Continue reading

Four Seasons at Vagamon Heights

Noon:  When the jeep headed down at 50 degree angle I thought we would topple over making a clean swipe of the film crew gathered on the banks of the lake. We didn’t. Somehow the jeep regained balance at the foot of the hillock and the crew continued with their shooting of the Tamil version of the popular Malayalam film, ‘Ordinary.’ “This is a regular location for many Malayalam and Tamil films,” the driver says. “I thought we were going … Continue reading