Photo Tales

Marari Blues

The writer at Marari Beach, Alleppey.

Stopover At Alleppey

Manu Remakant is on the road travelling to Palakkad. So all the regular features of RRR are suspended for the next one week. Instead we will have a daily impression of his journeys, ‘Photo Tales’. Today he picks a gem of a place named Andhakaran Azhi in Alleppey.

The Field of Dreams

Photo Tales, the new photo feature series of my journeys. The first tale is about fields. The travel bug bit me long back when I was teaching in Alathur(Palakkad). My college was surrounded by rice fields too tempting for my city-bred soul. The crimson evenings were tinted blue with peacocks that perched on the fields. The mist hugging close to the paddy fields in early mornings. See the long road sandwiched by the green. Don’t you want to pedal through … Continue reading