Photo Tales

A Ride through the Deluge

The writer zips through the thick wet curtain to reach the bone-chilling heights of Nelliyampathy. He understands why they say that the journey is the destination. I pulled over my vehicle to see why this sudden excitement on the other side of the slippery road. Posing with such a deluge as a background will make a great pic. But are they here just to be on the sidelines? Another hairpin bent away I had to stop my car again because … Continue reading

Shrimp Farmers of Alleppey

The writer meets the poor shrimp farmers of Kuttanad who are made poorer by a weak monsoon.

A Trek to Hillsides

The writer discovers a wonderful place with the help of his friends in Palakkad. This is Parakkalam near Kava.

The Man and the Beast

The writer stumbles upon Chithali Cattle race in Palakkad.