Photo Tales

A Ride through the Deluge

canonpalakkad 702

The writer zips through the thick wet curtain to reach the bone-chilling heights of Nelliyampathy. He understands why they say that the journey is the destination. I pulled over my vehicle to see why this sudden excitement on the other side of the slippery road. Posing with such a deluge as a background will make a great pic. But are they here just to be on the sidelines? Another hairpin bent away I had to stop my car again because … Continue reading

Shrimp Farmers of Alleppey

Not a clip from Transformers- This is Kambavala

The writer meets the poor shrimp farmers of Kuttanad who are made poorer by a weak monsoon.

A Trek to Hillsides

The writer discovers a wonderful place with the help of his friends in Palakkad. This is Parakkalam near Kava.

The Man and the Beast

The Man and the Beast

The writer stumbles upon Chithali Cattle race in Palakkad.